My name is Richard Joseph Alfaro, and I love horror, science fiction and fantasy. This is my wordpress blog. VISIT MY BLOGGER SITE: http://miamizombietimes.blogspot.com. PLEASE LIKE MY OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/miamizombietimes

This blog is a fun and eclectic mix of all things pertaining to the horror, science fiction and fantasy genres. In addition, interesting people, places and events will be featured in this blog on a regular basis. I am a guy that enjoys nerdy and geeky-fun things, like video games, technology, strange news, and comic books. I have a wide range of interests that I hope you will love. EXPECT TO BE SURPRISED AND AMAZED!

This ever-expanding and internationally recognized blog is not only about horror, fantasy and science fiction! It is also about the weird, the strange and the totally bizarre side of life and entertainment. Anything that is unusual, creepy, captivating, memorable, entertaining, informative, funny, inspirational, shocking, and unexpected, that’s what you are going to find here at THE MIAMI ZOMBIE TIMES. This blog is a constant work in progress, with new articles added nearly every single day! Follow me if you love art, music, literature, science, history and anything strange pertaining to these subjects. Yes, my good friends, this unique blog has it all. It has been crafted for your entertainment needs! So check back often to see what new, and old, topics will be discussed here. Aren’t you just a bit curious? What do you have to lose? This is a blog open to the public, so why don’t you subscribe or participate in discussions? Welcome, welcome, welcome my dear good friends and curious visitors, to my strange blog! NEW: SOUNDCLOUD MUSIC ADDED ON A REGULAR BASIS!




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